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Welcome to the

"Projects to Action"

by the  Fokker-Team-Schorndorf

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Achim Engels
Engels Aeroplanbau
Remsstrasse 24
73614 Schorndorf - Germany

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Projects to action

This section is all about the projects that can do with both direct and indirect activities and support. Can you help with any of these things? If so contact Achim.

You may learn more about that museum project by cicking here:



  • Library, on and off line, are you a librarian looking to manage a unique collection?
  • Marketing and PR of the Museum. Can you push the message about the museum out into the world?
  • Graphic design, can you produce 2D and 3D art work for publicicty, like producing booklets for the aircraft projects?
  • Sales of products, books, etc. Experience of on-line sales and facilities?
  • Engine maintenance and support, for period rotary and in-line engines. Are you an engine fitter with special skills around period engines?
  • Sourcing period photos and books for the library. Do you where suitable material can be found, either by donation or buying it?
  • Sourcing period artefacts for the museum. Have you seen items that would fit a period museum?
  • Recording activates in workshop, special events like the load tests. Interested in flim or photography and would liek some unique subject matter?
  • Photography, plate glass style. Do you want to use our environment to undertake plate phoography?
  • Web site maintenance and development. Can you html or css a better web site?